Due Date
Assignment Description
  • Please look over 2 documents on the "Resources" page: the 'STUDY GROUP form-Peer Coaching (the course proposal) and the "Rochester Metamorphosis".
  • Please bring your planning calendar or any other electronic substitute so we can set up a meeting schedule.
  • Take a few minutes to jot down your thoughts about these questions:
    1. What do you see as the purpose of this study group? What do you hope to achieve personally, and what do hope we will achieve as a group
    2. Considering your answer to Q #1, how do you think we can best accomplish these goals? How would you change the plan described in the course proposal?
Read a book from the Phase I book list. Meet with the other members who are reading the same book and discuss what you have read. Each "team" should submit a synopsis of their work to data by Sept 16th.
Try to finish reading your book. We will spend the first part of this meeting working with our partners, before sharing our books in a large group discussion.
Meet with your partner, then write and post a summary of your book on the Completed Hmwk page under "Discussions" then under "Sept 30". Come to class prepared to share your book.
*What are the most important ideas in these books, as we move forward in our work?
*What outcome(s) do you envision for this group (not your personal outcome(s)? Specifically, what sort of structure(s) could we put in place to allow teachers to be involved in improving teaching and learning in the building?
Research "Best Practices" in the following books. Meet with group partners to discuss and possibly implement practices and even observe one another implement these practices.
Book Groups:
Understanding by Design: Shaeley and Kent
Authentic Instruction and Art & Science of Teaching: Stuart, Dennis and Mike L
Authentic Instruction and Classroom Instruction that Works: Erin, Michelle, James
Enhancing Prof Practice: Ben and Carol
Each of us will observe and/or discuss lessons/student work with at least one other member of our book group. We will share out at the Dec 9th meeting.
Please review my proposal to change the evaluation system in the Ames Schools. Respond on the "Completed Hmwk" page whether you support this plan, and why or why not.
1/27 &
Choose one of the Iowa Professional Teaching Standards. (1) Re-word/Clarify the standards. (2) Suggest possible sources of data for measuring those standards. (3) Find or Develop Criteria and Rubrics to use the data to evaluate how teachers are performing relative to those standards.
2/24 and
Stuart shared a document from Tim Taylor. Its a grid with the Iowa Teaching Standards, and Descriptors for each of the standards.

Erin, Stuart and James used those Descriptors to make a Likert scale that could be used as a self-assessment for teachers.

Please try to do this for some of the sub-standards (listed as letters) for one the Iowa Teaching Standards. You'll notice on the "Teacher Evaluation" page that we divided up into groups to work on Standards 1, 4 and 5, so you may want to pick a different standard.
Observe 2 members of the peer coaching team. Try to find or develop a rubric to use during the evaluation. Have a post-observation conference, and be prepared to share positive and difficult aspects of the evaluation process.
Same as 3/31
Use the questions below as a guide for developing a proposal for how we move forward next year, with an eye to how this might continue to develop in the following years. The proposal will be presented to the new principal.

1) How, if at all, should "peer coaching" be tied to formal evaluations, the CDP and/or the portfolio?
2) How, if at all, should our group members be involved in mentoring other teachers? In other words, do we develop a "how-to" guide and let teachers do their own thing, or do we have a more active role?
3) What print materials (books, articles, etc.) should be provided as resources/background for teachers? (if not physically provided, at least provided in an annotated bibliography)
4) We are involved in this because we are people who are always looking for ways to improve our teaching. What do you see as the characteristics of an effective teacher?
5) Once we have defined those characteristics, how do we evaluate ourselves (and/or our peers) in a way that provides constructive feedback?
6) We have focused on classroom evaluations of one another, but good teaching is also based on what happens before class. How can we incorporate evaluations of planning, assessments, homework, etc. into this plan?
7) The plan I envision is a 3-year cycle, that culminates in the year of a person's formal evaluation. In part, I think it makes the work less daunting, and it makes personal development an on-going part of of the job. What schedule can we develop to guide teachers along the way, and to bring some closure to the process?
8) Should we continue working in our group next year, or should we try to "go public"? Why or why not?
9) Add anything else that you feel is important or valuable.